A truly historic initiative, the realization of the Trans Africa Pipeline will result in a number of extraordinary achievements across humanitarian, technological, and economic lines:
  1. TAP will be the largest humanitarian project ever undertaken to alleviate drought, famine, and disease in the poorest countries in the world.
  2. TAP will provide clean, fresh water to the largest population of drought-stricken people anywhere on earth - some 30 million lives in 12 countries.
  3. TAP will be the largest freshwater delivery system in the world and will transform the Sahel region into thousands of acres of fertile soil, providing clean water for establishing farming oases to enable a sustainable agriculture base to feed indigenous people and even begin the exportation of crops.
  4. TAP provides the first permanent solution to the water crisis in Africa - an area that will otherwise continue to suffer from encroaching desertification and constant drought.
  5. TAP will empower millions of Africans by providing training and education in a variety of technologies associated with operating, maintaining and securing the pipeline and its supporting infrastructure.
  6. TAP will specifically empower women and children by freeing up their time and energy currently used to search for and fetch water from distant locales.
  7. TAP will be the longest water pipeline in the world. In addition it will be the longest contiguous pipeline ever built. (China has under construction an 8700 km gas pipeline, while TAP - which travels through 12 countries - will be over 8800 km in length.)
  8. TAP desalination plants will be the largest ever built, comparable to those under construction in Saudi Arabia, producing 800,000 cubic meters of fresh water per day.
  9. TAP will employ a vast array of solar power farms to operate this pipeline and the desalination plants, a world′s first. TAP will serve as a demonstration of how to use solar power on a large scale and will reduce carbon emissions from conventional power stations that employ oil and gas.
  10. TAP will not just alleviate drought: the significant reduction in the region′s overall poverty brought about by the arrival of an unlimited, clean water supply will, in turn, lessen the need for foreign aid. Specifically, TAP will reduce the need for annual aid from G8 countries, which is currently provided on a piecemeal basis for select water projects that do not provide a long-term solution to the water crisis. In addition, by limiting the water wars the TAP project will diminish future responsibilities of NATO and other countries in trying to stop these local conflicts, and help prevent the death of millions of innocent Africans.


TAP Africa - Water for Life Summary PDF Image

TAP Africa - Water for Life Summary PDF ImageTAP Summary (pdf)

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